The Watchmen Fairy (anchors_ashore) wrote in xrps,
The Watchmen Fairy

I am a dumbass.

And in my very first post, I've managed to make myself look like a complete moron! *just sighs and tries to accept the fact that cool will never be me* Here's try this again. Anyone feel free to delete the last post.

Fic: Moonshine
Author: anchors_ashore
Rating: PG to the 13ish, maybe.
Warnings: Implied boy-on-boy here, not to mention between real people. Let's just say that if these two were REALLY doing this, as if I'd be writing about it. I'd be VIDEOTAPING the fucking thing.
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Pairing: Aaron/Shawn
Summary: "He's supposed to be waiting.".

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