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Kicking it off.

SS: Like That
Fandom: X2RPS
Pairing: Shawn/Aaron
Summary: Shawn teaches. Aaron learns.
Disclaimer: While it's a nice thought, it probably didn't go down like this. Unfortunately, I don't know. Damnit!

Like That


"Like that."

Aaron watches as Shawn flicks the lighter closed and he's so busy staring at the talented hands and the quick flash of silver that he almost misses it when Shawn tosses it at him.

"Now you try."

Aaron takes the lighter in hand, trying to imitate the way Shawn was holding it, and gets a laugh from Shawn already. He glares at him. Fuck, he didn't even open the damn thing yet.

"No, like--" Shawn pulls the lighter back, does his trick again, and Aaron wonders if Shawn used to smoke, because he's a little too comfortable with the zippo in his hand. "--this."

Shawn grins widely at him and leans in, and whoa, that was... different. Shawn presses the lighter back in his hand and Aaron feels removed, almost like he's watching them on screen doing a scene together, and no, he's not even going to take that thought any further. No, not with the thoughts that are suddenly popping up in his mind. Aaron debates pushing Shawn away, because he doesn't really need to stand that close, but then Shawn laughs a little in his ear as he drapes an arm over his shoulder, and Aaron almost drops the lighter.

He begins the move again, but Shawn sighs before he can even produce a flame.

"No, wait. Just." Shawn moves to stand behind him, reaches his arm around his waist and Aaron tenses for a second as Shawn's hand covers his own. "Like this."

Aaron tries to keep his eyes on the hand that's guiding his over the lighter, tries to watch the movement which shouldn't be this complicated, but he suddenly realizes that Shawn wears the same colonge as him and all reasonable thought is shot to hell.

"Just watch, see."

Shawn is talking lowly in his ear, murmuring soft words of encouragement, and Aaron presses back slightly. The mental images of John and Bobby stop, because there's no way Bobby could ever be that seductive.

Shawn flicks the lighter closed, his hand curling over Aaron's, and turns his head a fraction of an inch to the side to smile at him.

"You'll get it soon enough." Shawn says, grinning, and if Aaron could move away he doesn't think he would. Shawn's hand is warm around his, the arm slung over his shoulder keeps them close, and from an inch away Aaron can tell Shawn forgot to shave this morning. The stubble is faint, runs along the edge of his jaw, and Aaron wants to lick it. Badly. He catches himself eyeing Shawn's jawline before he realizes what he's doing, and he catches the small smile on Shawn's face. "We'll turn you into a pro."

"We'll see." Aaron finally remembers how to speak. He looks up at Shawn, feels the corner of his mouth curve into a small half grin, and tries to keep the stunned look off of his face when Shawn pulls him closer with the arm around his shoulder, slides his hand under the collar of his shirt, and licks lightly at Aaron's lower lip.

He makes a small noise and closes his eyes, feeling the hand around his tighten for a split second. 'This is so not a good idea' Aaron thinks, and gets ready to pull back. But then Shawn sucks a lip between both of his, nibbles at it lightly, and Aaron throws caution to the wind. When he leans in, his other hand coming up to rest lightly on the arm around his neck, Shawn opens his mouth eagerly and moans softly.

When they part, Aaron gives him a small smile and tugs Shawn's hand, which is trying to slide further down his chest, out of his shirt. Shawn furrows his brow for a second, but then Aaron's pulling out a pack of Marlboro's from his jacket pocket.

"I don't think I've got it yet," He says, as he sticks a cancer stick in his mouth. He watches Shawn raise an eyebrow when he takes the ligher back and raises a leg. He flicks the lighter down and up his pantleg, and there's a nice bright flame. Aaron lights his cigarette and flicks the lighter closed with ease. "You up to helping out a poor soul some place a little more private?"

Shawn shakes his head, smiling, and tugs at Aaron's hair lightly. "You're such a shit." He says, fondly, and pulls the cigarette out of Aaron's mouth. He takes a long drag off of it and reaches for his jacket.

"You love it." Aaron gives him a grin and threads his fingers through Shawn's belt loops. "I'm leaving. It's up to you if you want to come or not." He tugs Shawn close and his fingers lightly rub the skin just under his waistband. Then Aaron lets go and steps back, reaching up to take the cigarette back, and fucking wraps his lips around it. Shawn wants to find the nearest broom closet and shove him into it, and Aaron smirks at him and fucking knows.

"Oh, it's like that then?" Shawn says, shrugging his jacket on. He reaches for the cigarettes Aaron's holding and begins walking towards the door without waiting for his friend. He sticks one in his mouth and looks over his shoulder at Aaron. Who just grins at him and snaps his fingers and oh, that's a trick Shawn never learned. Aaron catches up and lights the cigarette. Shawn stares at Aaron as he inhales, raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah, just like that." Aaron grins and puts a warm hand on his back, just under his jacket. Shawn wonders for a minute what Sir Ian, who's very nonchalantly watching them out of the corner of his eye, is thinking about this show. But the door is only a few feet away, his car is close, and Shawn wonders if they'll even make it back to his apartment.

"Then lead the way, baby." Shawn says, a smirk on his face, and Aaron laughs. And pushes him out the door.
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